Nikki_imageAt Tube Map we like a glass of wine as much as the person sat next to us on the tube… perhaps more… Nikki, who runs the business and designed the map, only ever really stops thinking about wine to decide what she’s eating with it.

But we know that not everyone has as much time as us to obsess about wine. In fact, most people stick to what they know because they don’t have time to work out what else they might like, or they don’t want to risk shelling out for something new and then not liking it.

So the WineTubeMap is a big wine recommender, created by Nikki, to organise wines by flavour, so you can explore the wines closest to your favourite station, safe in the knowledge it’s not a million miles away from your comfort zone.

More than that, we know that most people go to wine events to relax, socialise and see their friends, whilst hopefully picking up a tip or two on the way, so we organise the kind of events we want to go to: fun, informal and unstuffy, with some nice wines in nice places!

The team at Tube Map is mostly made up of Nikki Welch – the conductor, who has been in the wine trade for 14 years, and she regularly collaborates with some brilliant people: some from the world of wine, others from the murky world of bars or from food communication. It helps keep everything fresh!

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