The adopted grape of Chile, smooth and delicious.


Carmenère is a juicy, smooth red wine, a geographical and flavour neighbour of Malbec. Like Malbec in Argentina, the Carmenère grape has been adopted by the Chileans where they weave their magic to create soft, easy reds at the lower end and deep, bold, herbaceous wines as you pay more. For a long time Merlot and Carmenère were mixed up in the vineyards, giving Chilean Merlot a reputation not knowing it was the Carmenère was the magic ingredient!

Things you should know

Top Tip: Carmenère is one of the wines where a small step up in price equals a big change in quality.
Specific Food Match: Carmenère has a strange affinity with curry, the soft tannins can take a bit of chilli but the real surprise is how the curry spices interact with the base notes of the wine. It's a revelation.
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