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Top end Malbec for a showstopper occasion. Malbec is a must visit station on the Revelation line - Perfect with steak on date night.

Vintage: 2012

A new favourite for dinner parties & when you need to impress.
Malbec is Argentina’s great grape & is known to be ‘the perfect steak wine’.

If wines were steaks this would be your finest fillet full of flavour but tender at the same time. It is full of dark, rich, blackberry and blueberry ripe fruit & even though it has tannins to match up to a meat course, they are smooth enough to make it enjoyable drinking alone as well.

This is a gorgeous example of just how delicious Malbec can be. It is from higher altitude vineyards which always adds a floral freshness to the wine evoking fields of heady violets on top of those intense berry flavours.

Catena are one of *THE names in Argentine winemaking and it’s  impossible to talk about Argentinean wine for more than a few minutes without someone mentioning either Nicolas Catena or one of his wines. No-one has done more to put it on the map, or to raise the profile of Malbec a one-time Bordeaux reject now one of the world’s most fashionable grape varieties.

Things you should know

Producer Name: Bodega Catena Zapata
Alcohol Level: 14%
Argentina, Mendoza
Tasting Note: A classic Malbec showing exactly why it is a new firm favourite for wine lovers - ripe and dark with velvety tannins & a perfume of violets.


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