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A goldilocks Malbec; versatile and fresh.

Vintage: 2013

This is a good, fresh and fruity example of Malbec. It’s not as big as some, which makes it an excellent choice for drinking on its own, midweek meals and mid-afternoon barbecues. Especially useful in the summer as the soft tannins mean you could chill this down to get a refreshing, fruity red for al fresco drinking (it shouldn’t be as cold as you’d chill a Sauvignon or Pinot Grigio, just a few shades warmer).
It has a lovely texture, in a goldilocks way, not too big but not too light. The winemaker stirs the yeasts (known as lees) during the maturation process to give the wine a creamier texture and oak staves add some savoury flavours and spice to the fruit of the wine.

This wine was provided by Corney and Barrow for the Borders Book Festival event and is a sponsored post.

Things you should know

Producer Name: Chamuyo
Alcohol Level: 13.5%
Argentina, Mendoza
Tasting Note: Smooth, ripe and spicy


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