The classic Italian Station, from a much loved region

Official Name

Ask most people to name an Italian wine and they will say Chianti. It has become famous for its mentions in Hollywood (Fava beans anyone?), as a stunning holiday destination (Tuscany is dubbed Chiantishire because so many Brits visit) and as the ‘candle holders’ of Italian restaurants. It’s also a great wine, full of cherry flavours, a hint of acidity to cut through any fatty foods and leave your mouth refreshed. As you go up the spectrum you get more substance and a richer wine but even at the cheap and cheerful end it’s a good wine for pizza and pasta dishes. Chianti has to be made predominantly of Sangiovese from a specific region, and the Riserva and Superiore labels mean the wine has to go through more stringent quality processes (Superiore) and barrel ageing (Riserva) resulting in a richer and more foody wine.

Things you should know

Top Tip: If you like Chianti, look for Rufina on the label, it's a specific area where you're guaranteed a bit more quality and really good value for money.
Specific Food Match: This is one area where the old adage of eating food from the area where the wine comes from really works. Tomato sauces, antipasti and ragus are all Chianti zones
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