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Coffee Style

Coffee style is the collective name for a style of winemaking which uses all of the tricks of the trade to add a chocolate, mocha, coffee layer of flavours to rich red wines. This is mostly done with barrel trickery (there is no real chocolate or coffee added!). You end up with an intensely indulgent wine, a bit like dipping black cherries into dark chocolate. It’s not subtle and is for a specific time and place! To find them, look out for the wines with names like Chocolate Block, Coffee Pinotage or other related names. The style seems to have found a niche in South Africa enhancing Pinotage, but you also see Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon made in the same way.

Things you should know

Top Tip: This isn't for the faint hearted so it's not a great first date wine! Best to look one out on promotion or at a tasting first to see if you like it and then impress your pals when you're all bringing a bottle.
Specific Food Match: It's a pretty in your face style, so not for delicate food. The smokiness works well with chargrilled meats (a great barbie wine) and intense sauces. There is a school of thought that you can even eat them with vanilla ice cream…
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