Corlea fourie

I’ve been talking to some of the women I know in the wine world who encapsulate the fun and energy it takes to be in this world. This time is Corlea Fourie, a South African wine maker and vineyard manager for Bosman Wines.

On first meeting you could describe Corlea as a force of nature, and she needs to be with the busy life that she leads…

You may well have tasted one of the wines she’s had a hand in because Bosman wines are enjoying growing success over here, particularly with their Fair Trade ethos. Currently they make Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Fair Trade Chenin Blanc and Merlot, a selection of Fair Trade wines for the Co-op and sell wines under the Bosman label in Waitrose. They have some new wines coming to Majestic and M&S in April too.

I caught up with Corlea during harvest – which is a massively busy time of year and probably not when you want to be answering questions about your twitter feed…

Corlea Fourie

Tell us about you and what you do at Bosman

Vineyard and Wine Manager is the title, but I tend to think of it as making sure we use the right vineyards, for the right wine outcomes. It touches on wine, viticulture and business, things I’m passionate about.

Is there a typical working day for you? If so what is it?

I have not had one typical day – ever! That’s the beauty of it. My day however does involve some admin, wine tasting, a few meetings, a trip to a vineyard and a pantone color check for a new label, or something along those lines.

How do you blend family and work together?

I have a support system of note. My husband is an absolute star and our family and friends are very supportive. It doesn’t get easier, but I have grown to fret less.

Your twitter feed @bosmanwinemaker is full of sunshine, nature, wine and food, is that a fair reflection of life for you?

It is. I live a happy life for which I am very grateful surrounded by the themes you mention. I hope to spread some of that joy.

You’ve said you think Chenin Blanc is the grape to watch out for – why?

Chenin Blanc is über drinkable, unmatched in its food-friendliness and it can be made to be happy every day drinking wines, to expressive and special wines. I’m totally smitten with Chenin.

What’s next for you and what are you drinking now?

I work for a dynamic wine company and with it comes new opportunities and experiences every day. I love that. As it is harvest I’m drinking vast amounts of good coffee to stay alert and litres of water to stay hydrated. Looking forward to some lovely lighter styled reds as autumn approaches.

Visit the Chenin station on the WineTubeMap to find out more about what Corlea’s grape crush!

Buy Bosman wines in Sainsbury’s, Co-op, Waitrose and look out for their new launches including the gorgeous Adama wines in Majestic and their ‘orange’ wine in M&S (more on orange wines to come) and find out about Bosman and the fair trade work they do on their Facebook page.

Follow Corlea on twitter – warning, do not do this when you are fed up of grey skies or a desk job!

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