All aboard! Welcome to WineTubeMap Central where we use the WineTubeMap format to take you on a really exciting wine journey at our tasting events.

Each event will explore different parts of the map in a sociable, fun and informal way. Ready to hop on the White Central Line? Need to change stations at Pink Fizz? Late for your appointment at Merlot? Meeting someone at Cabernet Sauvignon? Worry no more! Our dedicated tasting service always runs on time! Our expert drivers guide you along the lines with plenty of time for sipping, chatting and asking questions.

After each event you are welcome to use our #wineGPS service via our social media channels in case you’ve forgotten to ask that all important question.

We create our own WineTubeMap events, big and small, as well as taking the WineTubeMap to other peoples’ events and bringing it to you so you can travel it at home or in the office.

Our organised events are listed below, or follow the links below if you like the idea of a WineTubeMap tasting in your office or at a party.

Corporate Events      Private events

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Latest Past Events

Barclays Gateway Event

An event to explore the new Barclays Gateway campus and to network.

Barclays x WineTubeMap tasting 28/04/19

CHEERS! Thanks for travelling with me on the WineTubeMap, I hope you enjoyed your journey, it was great meeting you all! The wines you tasted are all listed below and you can find out more about the styles by clicking on the station links on the right. All of the wines are available from Drinkmonger […]