Now, we’re not saying that you shouldn’t use Easter weekend as an excuse to gorge on chocolate or hot cross buns, you should… But if your local garage is now down to its last Smarties Easter eggs and you need a last minute Easter gift (for an adult obvs) here are 3 wines that will deliver as much happiness and delight as a chocolate egg. Oh, and unlike most wines, these will wash down a lump or two of egg as well!

Quady, Black Muscat, Elysium Majestic £9.99 37.5cl This wine is the perfect Easter gift. Not only does it look gorgeous (that label) but it is indulgent enough to feel like a treat without being over the top. It’s a pretty unusual sweet wine, made from a black grape, so it’s a deep purple colour and dare I say, has a tiny hint of ribena about it (in a good way). It has a lovely rose aroma. Think dark chocolate laced with rosewater. Oh, and it’s awesome with chocolate. Chocolate pudding, chocolate ice-cream, you name it…

Apostoles bottle shot

Gonzalez Byass, Apostoles, Palo Cortado Muy Viejo Waitrose, £19, 37.5cl This is one to impress someone with. Firstly, it comes in a gorgeous box/tube and looks the business. Secondly, this is the business. Aged sherry which starts of potentially destined for Tio Pepe Fino but is set-aside early on for greater things… If you’re not too sure on your sherries this is between the uber-dry, salty fino and the rich, nutty oloroso. This is for posh, salted, dark chocolate lovers everywhere. Soooooooo good!

Marks and Spencer’s Asti Spumante M&S, £9, 75cl Asti is more retro than a Caramac Easter egg, but oh so good. This one is particularly handy as you can nip in to Marksies and get it on the way somewhere when you pick up a bunch of flowers. You have to let go of its 70’s image and love Asti for what it really is. Unadulterated, frothy, fun. It’s off dry and fruity in a grapey way as well as being low in alcohol. Meaning it is almost guilt free in a guilty pleasure vibe. Particularly good with white chocolate or your Easter pavlova.

M&S Asti

Whatever you are eating and drinking this Easter – enjoy!

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