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Alight the WineTubeMap at Cabernet Franc and take the Italian exit for a juicy, smooth version of this grape.

Vintage: 2011

Cabernet Franc has a bit of a marmite effect on people – some love its tart, fruitiness, others want their fruit a bit riper and rounder and find its aftertaste a little bitter. The La Tunella Cabernet Franc majors on the blueberry and currant fruits so you only get the bite of the tannin at the very end of the wine. Which makes it great for pairing up with game birds (i.e. partridges and pheasants, not Edina and Patsy)and aubergine dishes.
As with most of the wines at the top of the Red Central line you can chill a Cabernet Franc a little which brings out the freshness of the fruit flavours, but will also enhance the tannins so don’t over chill it.

This wine was part of the WineLab, selected in conjunction with Vino Wines.
Travellers of the WineLab will have tried it as the second wine on the Tannin station.

Things you should know

Producer Name: La Tunella
Alcohol Level: 13.5%
Italy, Fruili
Cabernet Franc,
Tasting Note: Blueberries, currants and a hint of spice.


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