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Alight at Beaujolais for a smooth, sophisticated and infinitely drinkable red perfect for chilling out with.

Vintage: 2013

Beaujolais is on the rise at the moment. Rightly so. After a decade of big, in your face reds there’s a move to a lighter style of red. Still smooth, still fruity and juicy, just a bit more refined.
This Beaujolais, from the village of Morgon, is a beaut! It’s all about the ripe cherries with this wine, with just enough body to make sure you know you are drinking wine and not juice and a lick of liquorice to add some spice and savoury to the proceedings. Smooth, sophisticated and infinitely drinkable… Beaujolais is also extremely versatile to eat with from cold meat to duck ragout, you’ll be surprised.
2 things to note about this wine.
1 – it can be chilled so it’s great in the warmer months of the year.
2 – it is a natural wine so is made with low sulphur and no chemical intervention.

This wine was part of the WineLab at Savour and was selected in collaboration with Vino.
Travellers who visited the WineLab will have tried this as the first wine on the tannin station.

Things you should know

Producer Name: Marcel Lapierre
Alcohol Level: 12.5%
France, Beaujolais
Tasting Note: Cherries and berries with a hint of liquorice


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