Guilty pleasure central


Moscato is experiencing a boom at the moment, with frothy, semi-sweet bottles of fun popping up everywhere you look. It’s officially a ‘craze’ in the US, some of which is put down to it being soundchecked in hip hop in place of the ubiquitous Cristal. However, its popularity could be down to the fact that this is true guilty pleasure wine, it’s for drinking with cake, chocolate, crisps or cheesy pop music. Even those who don’t want to like it do…

Things you should know

Top Tip: Whilst lots of producers and brands are producing Moscato to make the most of its surge in popularity, the original is Moscato d'Asti, which is generally a bit classier.
Specific Food Match: Moscato sits in the sweet but not dessert wine category, it's not too sweet to have on its own, but it comes into its own with meringue, fruit salads and white chocolate.
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