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Exit the WineTubeMap at the lesser-known Rueda stop and try this barrel aged, richer, riper style.

Vintage: 2011

This is not a standard Rueda, it’s a very classy, rich, warm white. If we’re talking tube station exits this is at the full-bodied exit of Rueda, not the light, crisp, summery style that you so often find. It has a creaminess to it that acts like velvet and would make an excellent wine to go with food – especially pastry based items.
It does still have the citrus, kiwi flavours that you find in all rueda and a hint of herbaceous but it’s altogether riper, with a tropical melon flavour that makes it feel a bit sweeter.

Bodegas Naia who make the Naiades do also make a lighter style, which is also delicious so if this is the wrong exit for you, try the K-Naia.

NB This wine was part of WineLab and selected in collaboration with Vino.
Travellers of the WineLab will have tasted it as the first wine on the Velvet station.

Things you should know

Producer Name: Bodegas Naia
Alcohol Level: 13.5%
Spain, Castilla y Leon
Tasting Note: Rich, smooth and citrussy.


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