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Pea-noh Nwah

New World Pinot Noir refers to a contemporary style of Pinot Noir being made primarily in New Zealand (especially Otago), Chile and the United States (especially Oregon). This Pinot Noir is light in body but really pungent and aromatic. The aroma is unmissable, a dollop of raspberry jam or the fruits on top of a blackforest gateaux and the cheaper ones can stop there, whereas the top end wines will have layers of subtle flavours underneath. The lighter body means you can drink New World Pinot Noir on its own or with lighter dishes.

Things you should know

Top Tip: There is a big difference between quality in New World Pinot Noir so at some splash out on an Oregon or Otago one to taste the difference.
Specific Food Match: New World Pinot Noir is great with fish like hot smoked salmon or baked monkfish tails.
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