The classic celebration station - like tea at Claridges.

Non Vintage Shamp-ayne
Official Name

What says celebration better than a chilled glass of champagne? Whatever the occasion, whether you are dressed to the nines at a wedding or sitting on boxes in a new house, that glass of champagne signals the moment to take a moment and note the occasion. NV (Non Vintage) champagne is blended to be always the same, so it’s down to you to find the brand that you like. Some are extremely crisp and dry, some fruitier and some have more age and complexity. It’s surprising how different they all are. But to be champagne it has to be made in the Champagne region using only the specified grapes.

Things you should know

Top Tip: There are lots of 'grower' champagnes available, which are made by smaller producers. You don't get all the fancy packaging but you do get a lot of fizz for your money.
Specific Food Match: Champagne is surprisingly versatile with food. But the ultimate combo is fish and chips. Sheer indulgence that works. The acidity cuts through the oiliness leaving your palate cleansed.
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