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A tasty, easy drinking stop at the Merlot station.

Vintage: 2013

This is classic Chilean Merlot – smooth, intensely dark and silky. The Revelation Line is all about intense flavours, big body and soft tannins which make the wines ridiculously easy to drink. This merlot is no exception, made to be drunk young and fresh. Which means you can pop a bottle open at almost any occasion and not be disappointed. It isn’t the most complex or the biggest Merlot around, but it does have a lovely, leafy freshness which stops the wine feeling syrupy or over-sweet.

Chile is renowned for its perfect wine growing connditions which means that producers like these can farm organically.

This wine was provided by Corney and Barrow for the Borders Book Festival event and is a sponsored post.

Things you should know

Producer Name: Errazuriz Ovalle
Alcohol Level: 13%
Chile, Colchagua Valley
Tasting Note: Ripe, intense and silky.


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