How to add canapés to your wine tasting

We’ll be adding a downloadable PDF here of some canapés you can buy or make to add to your tasting. These will match the wines on each station so you’ve got the equivalent of a drinks party.

They will include some favourites from M&S, Waitress and the local deli so it’s easy for you to source.

Fancy a pizza party?

All that wine can need something to soak it up! If you fancy a bit more to eat we’ll be adding a downloadable pdf with a pizza match for every station or 3 pizzas to cover the lot. You can order in, buy ready made or make your own, they’ll be delicious whichever way!

Turn your wine tasting into an epic feast

If you fancy turning your wine tasting in to an epic feast we’ve got some suggestions for you. Turn each station into a course and see the epic variety in wines and how they change with food. You can even challenge people to prepare a different course so no one is doing all the work.

PDF on its way very soon.


The one thing we can’t easily provide is glassware. If you don’t have enough there are a couple of things you can do.

Hire from your local wine merchant or store – Oddbins, Majestic and most supermarkets and wine merchants do glass hire, and if you’re buying a few bottles of fizz or other wines for the rest of your do they’ll gladly hire them.

Plastics – GoVino make amazing plastic glasses but they aren’t cheap. Contact us!

For cheaper plastic glasses try

You can even use tumblers if you want. Just try and have two the same if you are comparing wines.


You don’t have to have ice, putting the wines in the fridge for a few hours will keep them cold enough for a couple of hours. However if you want the wines to be super chilled you can add ice to the chillers. Best thing to do is buy a bag or two, you don’t want to be faffing with ice cube trays.


Sorry to be a bore, but it’s always good to keep a couple of jugs of water on hand. You forget how much wine you are drinking when you’re in tasting mode and water  helps keep away the sore heads and your palate fresh!


Don’t forget the tunes!

We recommend that you stick to something quite light and fun, music actually changes how you taste the wine! Smoother music makes the wine taste more mellow and jaunty music can make wine lighter.

Don’t get too caught up with it…

Want to know more about the wines?

We’ll send you the links to details of all of the wines after your event, however if you want all the technical details for your tasting just let us know and we’ll include them in the pack.

Fancy a wine challenge?

Wrap one of the bottles in each pair in foil and cover up the images on the tent cards. Our perception of wine changes when we have less information so by covering up the labels your views of the wine might change. Do you like them more when you can see the label or not?

More Question ? Ask us!

We’d love to help you make your wine party even more perfect for you. Give us a call, email or tweet us (all our details are in the contacts page) and we’ll help however we can.

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