The ultimate decadence

Pink Sham-payne

Pink champagne is a different zone to Pink Fizz, it tends to be much drier and more subtle, which makes it less of a party wine and more of a dinner à deux kind of wine. It’s the only quality rosé where the pink comes from a drop of red wine added to white wine. Like white champagne the styles tend to differ depending on the maker, some have more fresh fruit flavours, whilst others tend towards a more complex flavour.

Things you should know

Top Tip: Don't let Pink Champagne gather dust on your wine rack, unless it's a special vintage it's best off drunk whilst it's young and fresh.
Specific Food Match: Pink Champagne is a surprising match for food, like other champagnes the acidity cuts through anything oily. Stick to light dishes like tempura to avoid overwhelming the delicate fruit flavours.
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