Prosecco – The ultimate party wine

Now that we’re in December it’s ok to talk about Christmas, in fact, it’s obligatory to do so… And I’ll bet that if there’s one wine that’s going to be over-consumed over the next 3 weeks it is Prosecco.

Peer through the steamy windows of any restaurant Christmas do, random bar or fairylit house and the chance is that someone is cracking open a bottle of these bubbles and celebrating the sheer joy of being able to eat cheese straws and mince pies every night of the week.

Prosecco has shot to popularity over the last few years for a variety of reasons:

1. The lower acidity and softer bubbles make it easier to drink than Champagne and Cava (although I never find Champagne hard to drink) making it the ultimate ‘drink-all-night’ party wine.
2. The price tag – if you are just looking at price Prosecco wipes the floor with Champagne, frequently coming in at half the price, which makes it more of a cheeky treat than a big splash.
3. It sounds like it’s going to be fun…
4. Because it has a lighter flavour than some of the other fizzes it sits in the background nicely whether you are eating or not.

However, there are times when you might be better trying a different station on the Fizz Line

1. Cocktails – Cava tends to work better than Prosecco if you are mixing, shaking or muddling a cocktail, it has more defined bubbles meaning they will stick around, Prosecco bubbles are a bit delicate and can disappear. With the exceptions of Bellinis.
2. If you are planning on drinking your fizz with a meal. Most foods need a bit of acidity in the wine to cut through any oil or fat. Champagne, Traditional Method and Cava have this in spades, Prosecco less so, which means it will fade a bit.
3. With pudding – although Prosecco tastes sweeter than some it doesn’t have much sugar in it, head for Moscato instead.
4. If you want someone to know that you are pushing the boat out. Head for Champagne or an English Fizz, it’s like pulling out the Ferrero Rocher! Our wine of the week is Prosecco!

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