Riesling has exits to sweet and dry but both have zing.


Riesling has a lot going for it (apart from a hangover from the 70s). It is fresh and zingy with an aromatic fruitiness, a bit like biting into a crisp green apple. German Riesling can be a real experience but you need to check the label as some are sweeter than others (trocken means dry) whereas the newer New Zealand, Australian, Chilean and Argentinian Rieslings tend to be crisper and drier. These are great wines if you find Sauvignon a bit too in your face and acidic but still want that refreshing mouth tingle. They tend to be lighter wines too so you’re less likely to wake up with a headache!

Things you should know

Top Tip: TRY IT! If you're not sure about the softer German styles try the New World wines
Specific Food Match: Riesling is a great wine to eat with and there are loads of combos. I like it where you would have apple sauce or rhubarb compote - like with pork or mackerel.
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