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If you are a fan of refreshingly drinkable, cool whites then you might enjoy a glass of Rueda. The area it is from (not far from Rioja) has seen a huge change in recent years, which means the wines are more available in the UK. Rueda is made of a blend of grapes, primarily Verdejo, but also Sauvignon Blanc and other local grapes. The result is herbaceous, more subtle than new world Sauvignon, and easy to drink with or without food. Rueda is rarely pricey so it is a great everyday wine.

Things you should know

Top Tip: Some Rueda, specifically the pure Verdejo ones, are aged in barrel to give them a richer, rounder style. If you like Rueda these are a great upgrade.
Specific Food Match: Rueda is pretty versatile, it's herby edge makes it a bit like a salsa verde, it's great with fish dishes, salads and light pasta. The barrel aged wines can handle a creamy sauce or roasted meats.
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