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A juicy and ripe, dark fruited red, with a smoky side.

Vintage: 2013

We matched this Pinotage with a smokey Lapsang Souchong tea when we held our ‘Morning Commute’ Tasting matching wines with different styles of tea!

It has a particularly smooth, rich character but with bold, berry flavours, making it a perfect wine to warm up a chilly evening. Just go easy, it’s 14.5% so it could give you a bit of a shock when you stand up.

Pinotage is one of the exits from the ‘Coffee style’ station on the Revelation line.

Spier is one of the oldest wineries in South Africa dating back to 1692. While focussing on its heritage it very firmly has its feet in the future. There is a huge focus on the environemt at Spier & it is organically certified.

Things you should know

Producer Name: Spier
Alcohol Level: 14.5%
South Africa, Western Cape
100% Pinotage,
Tasting Note: A rich, smooth, intense red with a chocolatey finish over very ripe blackberries.


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