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Perfume in a glass... Truly aromatic - full of blossom & exotic fruit. A fantastic accompaniment to your spicy meal at the weekend.

Vintage: 2013

Not every wine has to be for everyone. Just like not everyone likes mushrooms, or salted caramel (well, ok, maybe everyone does like salted caramel). Anyway…

Gewurztraminer is not for everyone, it has a very specific, fragrant, exotic style which some find delicious and other find a bit too overpowering. It’s like a heady perfume which can suck you in or push you away.

Gewürztraminer does have a little bit of sweetness to it, as well as having all those floral and spicy fragrances for your nose the wine also has a silky texture making it feel smooth and comforting. It’s not necessarily a ‘drink on its own kind of wine’, but it makes a surprisingly good partner to spicy food, especially fragrant spicy dishes like thai salads or Ottolenghi style dishes. The sweetness helps tone the spiciness down (a very dry wine will taste bitter with chilli) and those heady notes pair perfectly with lemongrass, ginger and coriander.

This Spy Valley is from New Zealand which means you tend to get a slightly fresher style than you would from Germany or Alsace, it’s a good one if you aren’t keen on the very sweet styles.

At WineTubeMap HQ we love it, it’s a right time, right place kinda wine.


Things you should know

Producer Name: Spy Valley
Alcohol Level: 14%
New Zealand, Marlborough
Tasting Note: Truly aromatic - full of blossom & exotic fruit.


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