The rest of the world's answer to champagne

Traditional Method

If, like Madame Bollinger, you like to drink champagne on as many occasions as you can, Traditional Method wines will expand your repertoire. Most countries have their own special fizz, and they tend to be made using the same methods as champagne. Although not a glamourous title, Traditional Method refers to the techniques used to make the fizz. So Traditional Method wines mostly act just like champagne. The country they come from dictates their flavour palate, wines from cooler countries (like England) tend to be drier and lighter and those from warmer climates (like California) are more likely to be richer. Look out for English sparkling wines which rival champagne for elegance and finesse and the Italian Franciacorta for an interesting alternative. Cremant from France is also made in the same way and tends to be great value.

Things you should know

Top Tip: Traditional method isn't always obvioulsly written on the label, look out for methode traditionelle or methode champenoise as they mean the same thing.
Specific Food Match: Like champagne, Traditional Method wines are extremely good with food, a fact which is often overlooked. So you can have a glass before a celebratory dinner and then just run into the starters.
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