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Exit at the Chardonnay station for this Goldilocks French Chardonnay.

Vintage: 2012

This is a great in-betweeny chardonnay, a perfect Goldilocks wine which is not too crisp, not too round and not too in your face. That’s not to say it’s average, in fact it’s far from it. With a lovely nutty nose, crisp, refreshing palate and a smooth texture this wine could work in so many different settings.
Yes, it is oaked, a bit, but not heavily, and not really for taste, more for texture.
Drink this in the summer with salads and light dishes or with more substantial dishes. Although I think this is the perfect pairing for a pile of parmesan biscuits or cheese gougeres.
AND it’s really good value.

NB : This wine was part of the WineLab selected in collaboration with Vino.
Travellers who visited the WineLab will remember this wine as the second wine on the texture stop with the velvet.

Things you should know

Producer Name: Calmel & Joseph
Alcohol Level: 13.5%
France, South West France
Tasting Note: Ripe, bright and smooth.


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