A modern classic, with a place in every household.


Some grapes feel like they’ve been around forever, and others seem to sneak in. Viognier is a classic grape from the South of France but it was never made as a stand-alone grape. It’s a really handy wine to have around, a bit of a crowd-pleaser and very versatile, you don’t need food with it but it goes well with lots of flavours and styles. Viognier has a trademark peaches and cream style which is relatively smooth regardless of whether you’ve bought a lighter version or a more serious style all of which tend to slip down nicely. It is pretty big, so not an ideal wine for drinking all night at a party as it can get a bit much (and tends to be boozy).

Things you should know

Top Tip: Viognier is a good all rounder if you're eating lots of different dishes (like a Chinese banquet).
Specific Food Match: Viognier is a great partner for dishes which have a rich texture and a hint of sweetness like pumpkin ravioli or Chinese slow cooked pork.
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