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Cruising along in the car on a cheeky weekend break in Cornwall we thought we had ‘discovered’ a new summer anthem; the kind that screams carefree days, water fights and beach bonfires. Then Facebook, Spotify and the radio kindly pointed out that I’m not, in fact an undercover A&R genius, and in fact, everyone had ‘discovered’ it.
There’s a certain type of summer vibe that manages to balance anthem without being cheesy singalong, summer without being naff europop and have an infectiousness that means that everyone jigs along…

These wines are all summer anthems in their own way…

In case you were wondering it was This Girl by the Kungs vs Cookin’ on 3 burners

Listen here

Morrisons Signature Rueda| £6 | Morrisons

The Morrisons Signature range is a pretty safe bet if you’re looking for good value wines that taste as they should. This smells zippy like Sauvignon but is a bit creamier and rounder as you drink it. A good step between Sauv Blanc and White Rioja.

DRINK WITH :  the family

KEEP : in the fridge

EAT : on its own or with chicken salad

DEAL : Not on offer, Normal price £6

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Pazos de Ulloa | £6.99* | Majestic

This is a summer blend that will transport you to a Spanish beachside taverna in the blink of an eye.  It’s crisp and dry but with a breezy note of peach and blossom, which softens its thirst quenching acidity.

DRINK WITH :  a crowd

KEEP : a few in the fridge

EAT : prawns; chargrilled on the BBQ or in a salad

DEAL* : £2 off when you buy 6 (mixed) bottles until 2nd August

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Jordi Miro Garnacha blanca |£9 | M&S

This is a beaut of a holiday season wine but a bit more serious, less Costa Brava more Costa de la Luz. It’s still crisp and fresh but there are layers of grapefruit, citrus fruit and riper peaches that seem to go on and on meaning you can take your time over it. The label suits the mood of understated Spanish hip, with a Ministry of Sound style swirl. Time to get your Balearic beats on…

DRINK WITH :  your coolest pals

KEEP : in a fancy ice bucket

EAT : razor clams, ceviche, crisp salads

DEAL : Not on offer, but worth the £9

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jordi miro bottle

ASDA Extra Special Yarra Valley Pinot Noir | £7.98 |ASDA

I know, we keep banging on about light reds, but they are SOOOOOO good in the summer, when it’s all about freshness even when you’re drinking red. This wine screams summer fruits, sweet cherries and tangy redcurrant, and it’s really in your face without being heavy. Serve cool or even chilled and be careful, it’s deliciously addictive. Extra kudos as it will impress your wine snob pals.


DRINK WITH :  your neighbours

KEEP : somewhere cool

EAT : Roasted white fish dishes or grilled lamb.

DEAL : Not on offer, but a very good price at £7.98

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ES Yarra Valley PN

Santa Julia Uco Valley Malbec | £7.50 | Sainsbury’s

Malbec can come in many guises, this falls into the silky, smooth and sophisticated category. Unlike the Pinot Noir this packs a punch and is intense and full bodied without any rough tannins which make it pretty easy to drink despite its ballsiness.  It is made by one of the legends of Argentinian wine making, the Zuccardi family, who have been pushing the boundaries of wines in Argentina for 3 generations.

DRINK WITH :  dinner guests

KEEP : at cellar temperature

EAT : tempting to say steak, but also slow cooked lamb and lightly spiced meat

DEAL : 25% off down from £10 to £7.50 until 9th August

Visit our Malbec station to find out more ▶️

Santa Julia Malbec

Taste the Difference Prosecco Conegliano 1.5L | £17*| Sainsbury’s

Prosecco = parties and therefore the perfect excuse to buy a magnum. It looks and feels like such a treat and is great value, particularly on offer here, you’ll get twelve to 16 glasses from each magnum…

This is one of the best proseccos readily available and never ceases to over-deliver on style and flavour. Drier than some and from an area guaranteeing better quality.

DRINK WITH :  a gathering

KEEP : turn your bath into an ice bucket

EAT : not necessary, but nibbles, canapes and salads all good

DEAL : £2 off down from £19 to £17 until 9th August

Visit our Prosecco station to find out more ▶️

JS TTD Prosecco Conegliano

Hattingley Valley Classic Cuvee | £24 | Waitrose

Hattingley Valley Classic Cuvee | £24  | Waitrose (£30 until 16th August) PIC

Continuing our theme of English sparklers… Last week we had Nyetimber, the best-known English winery, this week we have a lesser known gem, Hampshire based Hattingley Valley. This is a slightly richer style of fizz, the wines are all barrel-aged first to give them a rounder, fuller body than many. Lovely crisp apples and citrus without being too tart.

Great for celebrating the sunshine, end of the week and for drinking local…

DRINK WITH :  a select few – or give as a wedding gift

KEEP : carefully and cold

EAT :  pastry, parmesan, quiches and tartlets

DEAL : 20% off down from £30 to £24 until 16th August

Visit our Traditional Method station to find out more ▶️

Hattingley Valley Classic

Honourable mention – La Gitana

We’ve been on a sherry-fest recently (and by recently I’m talking for the last 10+ years) and have been introducing people to the joys of sherry. One of life’s little pleasures is a chilled glass of Manzanilla in the afternoon/early evening. Hidalgo’s La Gitana is currently on offer in Waitrose down to £8 (for a full bottle) so worth stocking up on.

Let us know what you think of these and tell us what styles of wines you’d like to see more recommendations for.

We tweet, facebook, insta and are always happy to give you a recommendation if you give us a shout!

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