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‘Tis the season of impromptu gatherings, where it’s ok to have a party on a Tuesday because the sun might be gone by Wednesday (reader, it happened).

We’ve been through this week’s deals to find you some wine recommendations to have in the wine rack waiting patiently for the sunshine or to console you from the rain.

Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Godello | £7.99 | Sainsbury's

Godello is the new albariño which is the new Sauvignon (so they say). This is a great wine for a few hours of sunshine drinking.

It is crisp and zingy but not so tart it stings (as some SB’s can). Instead it has a hint of peach and nectarine making it that little bit softer.

DRINK WITH : friends

KEEP : in the fridge

EAT : crisps, salads and prawns

DEAL : £1 off (original price £8.99) until 9th August

Mirabeau Côtes de Provence Rosé | £7.79 | Waitrose

Rose drinking is in decline apparently but not this delicate, dry style of Côtes de Provence, it’s our favourite wine to Instagram because it just screams sophisticated, summer drinking.

Mirabeau are fast becoming one of the modern classics and although Côtes de Provence isn’t the cheapest they are great value. Pale pink, bone dry with hints of strawberry and memories of lavender.

DRINK WITH :  a select few

KEEP : in the fridge

EAT : grilled tuna, potato salad or on its own

DEAL : 20% off (original price £9.79) until 26th July

Honoro Vera Garnacha | £6.99 | Co-op

Fans of the WineTubeMap will know that we featured this in one of our BBC extravaganzas a couple of years ago.

It’s big and smooth, loaded with dark berry flavours. It would easily wash down some chargrill on the barbie as well as some more refined cooking. Totally delighted to see it turn up in the Co-op and with this offer it’s a bargain.

DRINK WITH :  a crowd

KEEP : close to hand

EAT : BBQ food, grilled meat, ribs

DEAL : £1 off (original price £7.99) until 2nd August

Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Barbaresco | £8 | Sainsbury's

Light reds have been on our radar for a while and are great chilled in the summer when they are both refreshing and tasty.

Barbaresco is great for this, with a juicy black cherry character that makes it both refreshing and rich. It has great acidity so doesn’t ever feel to claggy or heavy in the sunshine. Drink it on its own, with hoi sin pork or duck and all the bits that go with a summer feast.

DRINK WITH :  your sophisticated friends

KEEP : in the fridge

EAT : picnics and mezzo feasts

DEAL : £1 off (original price £9) until 9th August

Codorniu 1872 Vintage Cava | £7.99 | Waitrose

This is superb value for a bottle of champagne alike, and it looks so pretty with it’s Art Deco decoration. We’d go as far as to say you could use it for informal wedding parties.

It isn’t as dry as some cavas and has a ripe apple and peach flavour with a hint of crumble topping.

DRINK WITH :  parties

KEEP : in the fridge

EAT : nibbles

DEAL : 1/3 off (original price £11.99) until 16th August

Nyetimber Classic Cuvee | £23.99 | Waitrose

You can’t go wrong with Nyetimber, it’s a classy champagne style English wine and whilst at £32 it has rivals, at £24 it’s a great price.

Stock up for when you need to celebrate something (an England test win maybe…?) On that note Chapel Down is also on offer in Waitrose and is similarly excellent

DRINK WITH :  celebrating friends

KEEP : in the fridge

EAT : smoked salmon canapés

DEAL : 25% off (original price £31.99) until 16th August

Honourable mention – Ned Sauvignon Blanc

We know many of you are fans of the Ned Sauvignon, but recently the price has soared. Currently down to £6.99 in Co op and if you buy 6 in Majestic.

Stock up if you’re a fan.


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