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There’s a lot of camping going on at the moment… Whether your days have been full of hiding the rain or fresh air and sunshine it’s obligatory to crack the wine open as dusk begins to fall (who are we kidding, once the sun is over the yardarm). Here are 6 wines that suit a more laid back lifestyle, and more importantly do not require you to have packed a corkscrew!

Happy camping…


(oh, and please excuse the pics this week, we tried something new and it didn’t work ??). We’ll try something different again next week!!

Koha Gisborne Chardonnay | £6.50* | M&S

Stick this in your coolbox, and crack open a bottle to share with your new-found neighbour friends. This is a wine you don’t need to think about too hard, a decent white with lovely fresh, crisp  fruit flavours. It’s got a peachy twist at the end but is dry.  If you’re used to finding Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand you might be surprised to know they make good Chardonnay too. This one is unoaked and crisp so good for the chardonnay unlovers too…

DRINK WITH : your camping neighbours as the sun goes down

KEEP :  Cold – in an coolbox full of icepacks

EAT : the kind of snacks you pick up in the M&S nibbles section

DEAL : £2 off until 5th September*

Visit our chardonnay station it to find out more ▶️

Kalander | £7.00 | Morrison

This wine rocks, it’s made by one of our go-to South African winemakers Adi Badenhorst and is in the mix because camping does not have to equal low standards. A deliciously rich white that blends Chenin Blanc with some other grapes to give it a smooth, slightly perfumed style. Great if you’re not fond of a wine that is very tangy.


DRINK WITH :   A select few

KEEP :  cold, but it won’t suffer if all the ice melts and it warms up a bit

EAT : Spicy or barbecue are no issues with this

DEAL : Not on offer but a good price

Visit our Chenin station to find out more ▶️

chenin blanc - calandre

Gran Vista Garnacha | £4.99 | Co-op

Unless you’re lucky enough to be glamping, camping is an excuse to let your hair down. Where you might wear the same jumper every day for a week unless you spill something on it… This wine is perfect for that kind of holiday, it has no airs and graces and is a ‘does what it says on the tin’ wine. Juicy, simple, loads of strawberry and blackberry flavours.

DRINK WITH :  anyone who’ll have a glass, whilst the kids are reeking havoc

KEEP :  Best on the cool side so pop it in the paddling pool

EAT : Great with barbecue flavours, sausages or a packet of crisps

DEAL : Not on offer but a steal at £4.99

Visit our Grenache station to find out more ▶️

Climbing Shiraz | £6.99* | Waitrose

We had picked this wine out for this weekend’s recommendations before we saw it was an offer so this is a double win. A silky Aussie Shiraz that has all of the lovely blackberry, chocolate, peppery character of shiraz but is just a bit lighter, smoother and silkier.  Which means it won’t turn your mouth inside out, which is important when you’re waking up under canvas and can’t keep the curtains closed the next morning.

DRINK WITH : someone special under the stars 

KEEP :  in the shade

EAT : Something lovely, grilled lamb chops or steaks

DEAL : £2 off until 16th August*

Visit our shiraz station to find out more ▶️

climbing shiraz

Taste the Difference Pignoletto | £7.50* | Sainsbury’s

To add to the Italian vocab… Pignoletto (pronounced pin-ye-lett-oh) is supposed to be the new prosecco. Like Prosecco it is easy-drinking, bubbly and fun. It’s not too dry but quite crisp and fresh. Think of green apples and pears in a soft fizz. It’s not a million miles from prosecco but at the price you get a better bottle.

DRINK WITH :  a lunchtime crowd

KEEP :  Cold – however you can

EAT : No need for food but good with salads

DEAL : £1.50 off until 9th August*


Visit our Prosecco station to find out more ▶️

taste the difference pignoletto

Baron Gassier Mount Victoire Provence Rose | £9* | Sainsbury’s

This year it’s all about the pale, dry Cotes de Provence style rosé. The style is so refreshing and crisp and nothing like the sweeter, blush wines you find although it has a lovely strawberry and redcurrant flavour and . This is probably more of a sipper than a glugger and we wouldn’t share it!

DRINK WITH :  Your close friends

KEEP :  Ice cold, the bottle needs to sweat

EAT : grilled tuna if you’re being fancy, or a decent salad

DEAL : £1 off until 9th August*

Visit our Cotes de Provence station to find out more ▶️

provence baron gassier

Let us know what you think of these and tell us what styles of wines you’d like to see more recommendations for.

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