Time for some WineTubeMap chat?

For the last couple of years we have loved meeting people at the events we run and having a good old natter about wine.

Over the last 6 months we have been working on our website and apps to make it easier for people to explore the WineTubeMap and see the wines we’ve been drinking (and liking).  Now we would like to spread that ability to chat on the website and to give members of the WineTubeMap wine community the chance to use our website as a place to share their wine discoveries, questions and knowledge and basically have a good old chat over a glass of wine.

With the team’s background and networks we have the opportunity to share loads of information, tips and general WineTubeMap related chat; events and wines to give you chances to taste new wines; and discover the latest trends and new producers.


The WineTubeMap wine community
Run by an independent and knowledgeable team

The WineTubeMap team love wine and between us our interest and experience includes selling wine to supermarkets, writing books and columns, organising festivals and events and working in the independent sector and cocktail bars. We love finding great wines and meeting the people who make them.

We're not snobby - it just has to be good

We know that what you drink on the sofa in front of GBBO is a different kettle of fish to what you want to drink when you’ve got your friends around. All we want to find is a great bottle of wine, priced well that fits the occasion.

We want you to get involved

The WineTubeMap was created because we know everybody’s tastes are different and so we want to explore wine together rather than putting it on a pedestal.

A blank(ish) page

Get involved now and help us shape the community to work for you.

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Drinking wine
Eating and cooking
Finding new gems
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