Celebrating friends and family often involves a glass of wine, let us help you organise your hen party, 40th birthday party or family gatherings with a WineTubeMap tasting.

 We don’t need to tell you that wine is (almost always) an integral part of any kind of celebration. But sometimes you need more than just a few bottles plonked on a table and we think that  a WineTubeMap tasting will help you get your gathering going with a swing.

Not everyone wants the WineTubeMap team turning up at their party so we have some different options of how you can have the WineTubeMap with or without us!

WineTubeMap DIY tasting

This is perfect if you are looking for party ideas, for entertainment at a get-together in a house you’ve hired or if you are entertaining at home. The kit provides all the elements required to host your own brilliant wine tasting without requiring one of the WineTubeMap team to come along. You’ll receive wine, a book, a poster, the sensory elements for the tasting, instructions and a shopping list for some extra nibbles you might want to add on.

For 8+ travellers

From £15 per person including postage*

*Contents of package depend on party size.


WineTubeMap Standard Class package

Add a WineTubeMap journey to your party or gathering as an icebreaker or as the main event. You will taste 12 wines in our unique and fun tasting format and in doing so get to mingle and experience wine in a completely different way.

Party size : 18+

Price from £25 per person*

*Price depends on venue and food



WineTubeMap Full Tour

Are you looking for unique party ideas? Would you love a completely wine themed party? We can take the WineTubeMap event format and go large with it to create the ultimate wine lover’s party. We will work with you to tailor the event to your personality and preferences.

Party size : 18 – 500

Price depends on format, venue and wines.


Why wine tastings are brilliant party ideas :

  • Wine is a great icebreaker, and a WineTubeMap tasting gets everyone speaking to each other quickly – great for parties where not everybody knows each other.
  • (Almost) Everyone likes a glass of wine, so it’s an easier sell than abseiling and less weather dependent.
  • Most people would like to know a bit more about wine; this is a great way of finding out about wine without the snobbery.
  • If you’re likely to have a few glass of wine anyway, a WineTubeMap tasting allows you to try a few different ones and having some fun with it.

ticket collage for party ideas
“I just wanted to say thanks for hosting such an interesting wine tasting yesterday.  Your Wine Tube Map is a great idea and I think it worked really well for our group. “

Diane, Raeburn Supper Club

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  • We need to know where you want your event to be held. If you don't have a venue in mind just tell us the town.
  • Don't worry if you don't know all the details, just give us the big picture!